As INCPHARMA we manufacture and export pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutics, medicines, pills, drugs, cures, curatives, remedies, medicaments, otc products, medical devices, medical materials, medical supplies, diagnostics, diet products, cosmetics, cosmetic products, veterinary medicines, medical consumables, dental products, nutritional supplements, allergy medicines, heart medicines, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutic, medicine, pill, drug, remedy, medicament, otc product, medical device, medical material... NC Pharma is an international pharmaceutical wholesaler which is registered and regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. With 19 years of experience, a wide range of products and services, backed by a strong financial structure, enabled us to grow constantly with our inter-national clients. INC PHARMA is a responsible, dynamic and open minded organization that adapts its focus to the satisfaction and changing needs of its clients. We export a wide range of products including nearly 10,000 prescription medicines, vaccines, OTC products, medical devices, diagnostics, diet products and serving almost 50 countries in Europe, CIS, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Far East. We export our products to pharmaceutical wholesalers, aid organizations, private and public hospitals and for public tenders all over the world. Our product range is completely reliable and original with high quality products and very competitive prices. We provide the best and fastest serĀ¬vice for our clients.

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